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Today's Training

**Workouts are updated daily between 8am-Noon PST

Legs | Wednesday 03/03 

Hip thrusts 2 x 15-20
Dumbell goblet Squat 2 x 12-15
Barbell squat 2 x 8-10
Lunges 1 set failure 
Standing calf raises 4 x 20-25
Cardio 30 min walk

        Can I skip the Warm Up?

        I encourage you to not skip over any part of the training I’ve created for you; its purpose is to increase your stability, mobility, and also to reduce your risk of injury. 

        Besides, every time someone skips their warm up, a puppy dies...You don’t want puppies to die, do you?

        What does DB, KB, BBL mean?

        DB: Don’t Bail...on your training.

        KB: Keep Building...on your progress.

        BBL: Buy Be Lean...from my website to expedite fat loss.

        ...Okay, fine.

        DB: Dumbbell

        KB: Kettle Bell

        BBL: Barbell

        What weight should I use?

        It’s important that you feel challenged from start to finish. Most people play it safe and grab weights that only start to feel heavy at the end of the set; don’t be most people.

        Think of it like this: 

        Pick a weight that feels heavy as you begin each set and by the last rep, it’s impossible to do another. That’s the sweet spot and that’s what gets results.

        What does it mean if 2 exercises have a ‘+’ between them?

        If you follow me on IG (which you should! If not, click here) you’ll notice I like to string exercises together without stopping. For example; Bent Over Row + Bicep Curl.

        These are called compound exercises and they make up the majority of what you’ll find throughout this program.

        The “+” sign you’ll see is a compound exercise combining 2 major muscle groups to maximize your time and results so be sure to do both exercises back to back without resting in between. 

        Using our example, completing a bent over row and immediately doing a bicep curl equals 1 rep. 

        What is an AMRAP?

        As Many Reps As Possible 


        As Many Rounds As Possible

        **Reps or Rounds will be denoted in the training.

        Either way, you should be unable to breath and drenched in sweat. If not, you didn’t go hard enough and you’re better than that so go do it again.

        What is a Power Play?

        Think of this as your last chance to lay it all on the line. I want you to gather yourself before starting the Power Play because it will require you to go harder/faster/longer than you have already. 

        The purpose of this is to shed more fat and improve overall conditioning. 

        If you’re short on time or traveling, the Power Play is a perfect choice for getting one in when time is limited.

        But really, go all out here. In the NFL, we have a saying…

        Train as if you haven’t got the job yet.

        Can I sub in different exercises?

         Sure. You are welcome to modify exercises to meet your fitness level or to work around an injury. Don’t feel as if there’s only one road to travel down. 

        You can get ideas for substitutes from my Instagram or YouTube channel.

        Can I skip the Cool Down?

        Puppies...No cool down left behind.

        What’s an ascending/descending set?

        One of my favorite forms of HIIT that only requires two exercises. 

        You’ll start by doing one exercise for the highest number of reps mentioned in the training (typically 7) and the other exercise you’ll begin with 1 rep. One ascends in reps, the other descends. See the example below: 

        Exercise 1

        Exercise 2

        7 reps

        1 rep

        6 reps

        2 reps

        5 reps

        3 reps

        And so on...

        What do I do if I’m not sure of an exercise?

        There may be exercises that you’re unfamiliar with. Before sending us a message here, be sure you’ve checked my YouTube channel or a general internet search to find the answers you’re looking for.