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Be Hard | Test Booster Vegan Caps

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Directions: As a dietary supplement, take one serving (4 capsules) once a day with food.

Be Hard is your escape route from “the average”. On the journey to become the best man you personally can be, you don’t like asking for help but, Be Hard was formulated to be all the help you ever will need. The gym, your workplace, your bedroom, your confidence and your health are all areas that can use a boost. Strategically engineered by a man (me) for the man (you) to better your best. From increasing testosterone, boosting sexual stamina, anti-aging, supporting strength, decreasing/ blocking estrogen, Be Hard has you covered from every angle**.

    Here’s a quick run down to save you from typing in your search bar:

Zinc - key mineral to metabolize nutrients, supports immune function, DNA/ protein production. Low levels of zinc have been linked to erectile disfunction 

Tribulus Terrestris - increased vitality in Men, increased libido, healthy blood flow.

Ashwagandha - has been proven to increase test, muscle size, strength and decrease body fat. 

Fenugreek - helps increase muscle mass after training via increased insulin release, supports libido, increases testosterone

Maca Powder - rich in nutrients, maca increases fertility in men, increases stamina, reduces stress

Longjack Extract - reduces cortisol (stress hormone/testosterone killer), helps support muscle mass 

Black Pepper Extract - Increase bioavailability of all ingredients, making them work with the body better.


Internally you are two people: The man you are… and the man you are working to become. Become more of a man, Be Hard.

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