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Why I Had To Kill My Former Self

A few years ago you might have looked at me and assumed I had it all. I played elite college football, competed in bodybuilding, and drove expensive cars. On the outside, I was living the life.

But I wasn't happy. The truth was my pro-football dreams had been dashed, the cars were rented, and I wasn't healthy.

This is why I had to kill my former self. I was doing the world a disservice by not being at my best. I wanted to drive my own Lamborghini. I wanted to be CEO of companies that not only touted fitness, but actually helped bring health and wellness to people.

So I made the decision and never looked back. Except, that is, to tattoo my former self on my arm. It was in remembrance of an old, false self. The marble of my identity was ready to be chipped away, piece by piece, by daily grind into the real me inside.

I started my own company out of my basement. Packing and labeling the products myself. All with the determination to help other people get out of the circus of crash diets and bad habits.

Today I drive my own luxury cars, own several companies, and model and act professionally. I'm living proof that these things are not a pipe dream. If you don't have that drive, then don't do it. But I couldn't rest. I had to meet my expectations.

This is why I say, "R.I.P to my former self."

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