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What's Jeff Logan's Skincare Routine?

My skincare routine has evolved over the years. There was a lot of trial and error.The skincare industry is huge, a billion dollar industry with chemical and mechanical treatments that can cost you thousands of dollars per visit. More than your doctor, I know haha.

Putting in the work

From my own experience of trial and error, the error portion of my skincare journey was HUGE! Chances are with anything, if something has failed countless times, the final working product will be that much better! I put my skin through the most, masks, creams, extreme conditions, supplements, facials…. You name it!

Jeff Logan Skincare Routine - Before After

When I was the test subject and a failure occurred, it wasn’t as easy as “oh let’s just start over and try something else!” It was more like “ok now I have a massive breakout and can't be seen for a week's time!” Haha.

What are my key components?

So when I found key components, rituals, ingredients and habits that work… I stuck with them. The best thing about success isn’t simply found in attaining it, but sharing it. That’s why there was so much excitement as I released BeClean + BeCleaner. It was my opportunity to share my skincare success with the world!

The results and testimonies of people with all skin types, genders and walks of life aren’t shocking to me. The results aren’t surprising at all, they were meant to be. I spent too much time and energy into what doesn’t work for the results not to basically be 100% certain.

My daily routine

I’m all about saving time, space and money while maintaining the highest level of quality available. Skincare doesn’t have to be complex. It can be as simple as 1 BeClean Capsule per day along with keeping your face clean with my BeCleaner topical skincare system.

With your appearance getting treated from the inside and out, you’ll be left with no other option besides to BeClean.