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What Have You Done For YOU Lately?

Sometimes choosing to vibrate on a higher frequency means you feel you're always the one uplifting and never the one being uplifted. That is a draining place to be. So, people ask me, how do you cope?

First of all, there's something you need to notice. Whenever you ask how to cope, part of you is accepting this reality. Part of you has given permission and is allowing it to happen.

So I have one question for you. What have you done for you lately?

Think about it like this. It's admirable to help and uplift people. But if you weren't here, how would you be able to pour into any of these people? You couldn't. So who's the most important person in this equation? You are. And if you don't take care of yourself, then you can't continue to be a blessing to others.

What if you poured that same energy that you've been pouring into that other person into yourself? You think, "I can help this person. I can get you this, I can get you that," and "I'm a healer." But what about you? Have you taken time to heal yourself and pour into yourself, the one who's doing all the work?

It doesn't matter how much you have to give. When you're giving, and giving, and giving, you eventually need to refill. But when have you put yourself back on a charger? Every night, you have the habit of plugging in your phone to make sure there's enough battery for the next day. In the same way, you need to make a habit of recharging yourself to continue being able to give and function at peak performance. So what is that for you? Define it.

Think about this. If you're an uplifter and not receiving it back it's a little bit like this. I guarantee you, you don't go places and just give people your money. You don't go into a restaurant and put your money on the table and not place an order and just leave your money there. In other words, you're not trading something for nothing. You wouldn't do it in a restaurant. So why are you doing that with your life?

Decide today that it's not going down like that. Make a habit of recharging, refilling, and removing constant drains that never return the investment. This will give you the energy you need to continue to be there for the people you care about: including yourself.

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