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Jeff's Trip To Mexico

Los Cabos, Mexico

I recently took a trip to Los Cabos, Mexico to visit my good friends Dana and Rob Bailey. And let me tell you, when I say that their house was wild, I mean WILD. The first stop I made before heading to the house was to pick up some authentic Cuban Cigars, because those are simply a must when you're on vacation. Everywhere I looked from the house had an incredible view with light pouring in from every direction. I literally felt big vibes everywhere.

Work Hard, Play Hard

Now I'll be honest: I said it's going to be on vacay mode - a time to chill and relax - but here I am, still looking at emails. Nonetheless, waking up in this beautiful place to the sounds of the morning, feeling thankful, and starting the day with a cup of coffee can't be beat.

I did not just wake up one day living this lifestyle, it was hard work that got me here because no matter what, work is always with me. Everybody that I am with on this trip is working, and right now I am working on a new NBM shirt.

Later on I went to the gym to work out with Rob and Dana Bailey, where I tested out the quality of one of my new shirts. It held up perfect, dealing with the sweat seamlessly as if it absorbed it. It didn't have that sweaty and sticky feel to it, as the shirt is water resistant and moisture resistant. There's a north star placed on the front as well as the back and with a rubberized 3D logo. To stay up to date on my new designs head to

If you want to keep up with my training go to, you can do one on one calls with me for 15/20/30 minutes. It could be business, you could be a supporter or you just want to talk on FaceTime about anything. But they are mainly geared toward business.

My Message To You

Life isn't always perfect, and there will be obstacles you have to overcome. However, what I have learned throughout my journey of getting to where I am today is this: become your best self, live the life of your dreams, decide, plan, prepare, be around winners, demand more of yourself, become more, plant yourself, water yourself, grow, stay ready, replace fear with courage, positive self-talk, and be on your own team because no one is going to do the work for you.

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