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Judging Yourself Is A Waste Of Time


The Bible says, "Judge not.”

That commandment also applies to yourself. People are in the world against you. Circumstances are against you. But the truth is you're your own worst critic.

Judgment is really about punishment. Why do we do that to ourselves? We punish ourselves by what we think others think about us. We punish ourselves by what we think about ourselves.

I used to think that being my own drill sergeant was cool. I was harsh and critical, beating myself down in the name of getting better. But judgement never gets you anywhere. It is stagnant and leaves you in exactly the same place. Because of judgment, you might be in the exact same place you were five years ago. And when you're not moving, life moves on. So you're effectively moving backwards, getting left in the past.

What comes out of it?

Judgment puts yourself in doubt. It makes you stand in your own way. You're essentially resisting yourself. And if there's one person you wouldn't want to meet in a fight, it's yourself. Why? Because you all know your own weaknesses and can exploit them. But when you doubt yourself, that's exactly what you're doing.

Self-judgment and living my life by others' judgments got me nowhere. I've gone much further being on my own side. If I'm on my own squad, how can I judge myself and talk down to myself?

I stopped judging. What changed?

When I am on my own side, instead of judging, what I do is take inventory. This is totally different. Taking inventory is self-observation. It is seeing what I have in stock and what I don’t. Whatever I don't have, I need to go get. Judging doesn't do anything. There is no end game. But inventory helps you see what you need to get.

Take inventory of your thoughts, words, and actions. What are the thoughts you are consistently thinking about yourself? What are the words you most often say about yourself or other people? Forget about what you want to do. The question is, what do your actions say?

If judgment and self-judgment produces nothing, then why are you spending any time on it? When you take inventory you quickly realize that if something has no production value it is worthless. Don’t spend your life on it.

Instead, take inventory and find out where you’re low on stock. Build that area up. Prepare yourself in the areas you’re weak so that when your dream arrives you have the character necessary to keep it.

Judge not. Especially yourself.

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