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Take Inventory to Level Up

Your home is your refuge. The place you get to unwind, be yourself and rest. Or so you hope.

Maybe you don't have the luxury of living alone or sharing your home with the people you might otherwise choose. So how do you protect your peace while living with people who drain you?

Protect Your Peace

The first thing to understand is that while your environment is very important, the most important environment is within your mind. Life can deal you tough situations where you feel you have no way out. You can face circumstances that you cannot control in your environment.

But the one world you can always control is your mind. You may need to share your physical real estate, but you do not need to allow anyone to share your mental real estate. If they do, make sure they are paying rent! In other words, only allow things to take up mental energy that are worth your time.

The second thing is to make sure that you have activities that regularly get you out of that draining space and relationship. Recognize that you need solitude. So take walks, pick up a new hobby, and develop a side hustle.

The key is not being engulfed in this negative realm 24/7. You might need to take a vacation. You might need to think outside the box. But whatever it is, take those steps to like better your environment and better your mental environment.

The third, and most important thing you need to realize is that your life is your fault. Don't misunderstand me. Don't take fault as a negative. It's just the recognition that in almost every situation I am in, I have played a role in putting myself there. It's rarely one decision.

It's usually a whole series of decisions that have landed me where I am. So in the same way, it's rarely just one action that will fix it all. It's usually a series of actions I need to take to progressively to get myself out of the situation. Living with people who drain you can be difficult, but it's essential to remember that you have the power to protect your peace.


Start by controlling what takes up mental energy in your life and by regularly getting out of that negative space. Understand that your life is your fault and take actionable steps to get yourself out of the situation. Make these things a habit and you'll find it's much harder to lose peace over the situations and people you confront.

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