MY 100 LBS TRANSFORMATION – Become Nutrition


Jeff Logan: Actor, Model, and CEO of multiple companies. Everybody sees the glitz and glam and the shiny stuff but I’m going to take you behind the scenes and show you how everything started.

Before anything let me just rewind a little bit. I was 16 years old when I started lifting really hard, loving bodybuilding and working out. Bodybuilders motivated me, that’s what I was into - getting as big and strong as I can.

Powerlifting and football, that was my background right there. I went to Central Connecticut University and got two rings, if you asked me at that point in time, I would tell you I was going straight to the league.

But then - I lost weight, I dropped down into a full-back and I realized I wasn't going to make it. My NFL dreams came to a halt, and I was depressed. I gained weigh and got up to 307lbs at my heaviest. A little later I dropped some of it and hovered around 280-285lbs. I was bouncing around eating whatever I wanted, still trained and everything but eating whatever I wanted to ease the pain of not making it to the league. At one point I was even homeless. You name it, I've been through it.

I still motivated people, trained hard, and attended expos. I created brands out of nothing, but I wasn’t happy at all. I would pump weights all day, but I didn't look how I wanted to look. I wanted to uncover all this, and I saw it inside, I saw a glimpse of it, that best version of me so I has to get and pull it out and that’s what I did. I saw that best version of myself, and I just cracked it out, I was a slab of marble and I just chipped away every single day. I made the choice, I had to switch my mindset.


The big thing I did? I tattooed my old self on me. That’s how serious I was about change in remembrance, RIP TO MY OLD SELF because I’m not about to be this anymore I’m something different I’m something better I’m going to BECOME BETTER, and I documented it all because I was waiting for this time to drop. I had to kill my old self to become my real self. I HAD TO GIVE UP WHAT I WAS TO BECOME WHAT I AM. That took relentless training, seeing the vision, just grinding for it every day no matter what the circumstance was. I always hit that gym. I said, “You know what, these companies are going to be as successful as I am”. So, I had to take a look at myself.

I call myself a CEO before but that’s not the type of CEO I wanted to be, I wanted to be the best version and I knew that wasn’t the best, so I felt like I was doing a disservice to everybody who believed in me, watching my videos, following me, doing anything I got to do. I was doing a disservice by not being at my best so that’s why I had to change.

You’re going to go through life and people are going to tell you, “You can’t do it, man, that’s stupid, that’s a pipe dream” and all that. I’m living proof that it’s not a pipe dream. I made it happen and I’m still making it happen. Everybody sees me in my home gym and somebody commented on my Instagram “You’re lucky to have a home gym”

Lucky? I was sleeping on the couches, cars, you name it. My car was repossessed I got nowhere to go.

You’re looking at somebody who’s in the grind and I still grind like that. I used to live in the gym, sleeping right on the floor on the same turf that’s in my garage. I still keep the same turf to keep me humble and to remember where I came from.


I took all my failures, trying supplement after supplement, listening to claims from people you look up to and fitness professionals you look up to. And I said, I’m going to come at it from a real angle and that’s what I did. Like I said, I can’t do those services to anybody by not being at my personal best.

I had to analyze myself, I was looking in the mirror if I’m not happy, maybe I’m only driving 80% of the way. How can I get there the best way possible and also show other people the way? Some people get somewhere and don’t care about anybody else. These companies aren’t for that, they're to get other people there in a healthy way. It’s not steroids, it’s not surgery, it's not a crash diet. I've been through all that. 

Now, my mission is to help you make it happen.