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How to Be Truly Successful

How did I go from being homeless to a successful entrepreneur that owns multiple companies? It's all about the tree theory. Let me explain. You are a seed and the goal of a seed is the fruit of whatever type of tree it is. That is the end goal. But to get from seed level to fruit level takes time and it takes effort, watering, and sunlight.

And the key thing that people miss is that you have to be planted first. You can't expect the fruit if you haven't even planted yourself. But most people aren't willing to do that. Because when you plant a seed, you put it in the dirt and cover it over. No one sees it. You gotta bury yourself.

Then the seed must be allowed to grow underground. You can't start out trying to be seen, wondering where your fruit is at. Don't worry about the fruit at first. There is important growth that needs to happen under the surface before the fruit comes. It's called character.

For example, I had my goal of owning a gym, owning a supplement company, owning a clothing company, cars, and the lifestyle since I was 16. But imagine if I would've gotten all that at 16 years old? I wouldn't have had the chance for character-building to take place. And without character, you won't be able to keep the fruit. It's one thing to get your dream. It's another thing to keep it.


To be truly successful you have to be rooted. You have to be willing to get into the dirt. Most people are not willing, which is the reason so many crash and burn. When you see yourself as a seed, you can be confident the fruit is coming. But you have to be willing to be buried first and you have to do the maintenance. You have to water that seed every day and fall in love with the process. If you can dedicate yourself to that process, the fruit will take care of itself.

Then once your roots are developed and you have the right support system beneath you– growth comes. The fruit comes. Don't fall for the trick of fruit that comes too quickly. Root yourself. Bury yourself. Develop your character. And when the fruit comes you'll have the roots to sustain it.

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