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How To Keep A High Level Of Vibration

How do you keep a healthy body and mind? It's all about maintaining a high level of vibration through your environment and the things that you consume. Let me explain.

The things you consume aren't limited to what you eat, but anything you consume you are, in a sense, eating. If you're watching content, you're eating that content. If you're addicted to porn, you're eating that content. If you're watching fights or shootings or killings or negative news, you're eating that because your mind is consuming it.

So when you break it down into the concept that you're consuming these things, you realize that it is a part of you now. So either it's helping you or it's hurting you because you're a dynamic being and you're always moving. You're never at rest. Nothing's ever stopped. So it's either helping or hurting. You need to get on the right frequency of everything you're consuming.

When you watch the cooking channel, you're never gonna see sports. Why? Because you're on a cooking frequency. So the first step is you gotta define the frequency of where you wanna vibe and stay tuned in there. Define what is your high level of vibration. If you don't know what that is, you need to write that down. What is my high level of vibration? And only you can define it, right?

The next step is to figure out what will maintain that high level of vibration. Once you have the definition, anything that doesn't fall under that definition needs to get cut out. Your definition could be long, but it's on you to decide if anything doesn't fall in line with that definition. Every word has a definition in the dictionary. Anything that's not in that definition is simply not that word. Anything not in that definition is something else.

So define your high vibration. I challenge you to define your high vibration and then look at your life and determine what doesn't fit. It might be people, it might be things, it might be the things you're listening to, it might be the things you're actually eating. But all these things are being consumed. Are they in line with who you are? What's taking you away from this? Only you can decide.

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