This was the first big, leading role in my career! Usually, with past photoshoots, acting, and modeling, these events were short in their duration. Some shoots and bookings lasting a day or two max, filming this TV Series took a little over a month! So for me, that meant a full month of being both mentally and physically ready. “Be ready, so you don’t have to get ready!” Is what I said to myself. My physical and mental health comes first, so I was already in great shape before booking the show. But I knew there was another level I wanted to bring to the table. I had about one month after booking the lead male role on the show to get to that “next level” of conditioning. I trained twice per day: fasted cardio in the morning, followed by intense resistance training at night. There are non-disclosure agreements I had to sign before filming, stating I couldn’t speak about the show, share it directly on social media/ post about it, so I worked in silence. I had to become the character I wanted to portray.
I went over my lines about four times a day, and I never missed a training or cardio session, I tightened my diet up and stayed consistent with my personal Become Nutrition supplementation routine. At the End of this month of preparation, I dropped 10-11lbs of body fat! I was my at leanest & meanest! I walked into the first day of filming with a supreme sense of confidence, I became what I thought I needed to be for this role, and it felt great. Greatness happens when preparation meets opportunity.
During filming, my routine changed slightly, and I was still on the same diet, training, and supplements, there just was a large block of filming during the day. Most days my report time was 6-7 am, this doesn’t pull into the parking lot at this time, this means, already checked in, got groomed, got your wardrobe for the scene(s) of the day, got your photos taken, went over your lines and are ready to step foot on set. 
For me personally, this means cardio was completed for the morning, oftentimes I would often wake up at 4am, sometimes earlier depending on where the set location was for the day. It was a grind that I was ready for that I enjoyed. There was no room for error, not maintaining my look by eating bad or missing training. Filming day in and day out was challenging, but I rose to the challenge successfully! The first episode of Double Cross airs May 21st, 2020, via The UMC Network, you can also tune in via Amazon Fire TV, Roku Player, and IOS!