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Craziest Home Gym Ever! Gym Tour With Jeff Logan

What's up people! You've seen my gym in LA that I trained people in 2017 (which I actually lived in the back of). In 2020 I built a gym from scratch in my farm, and now it's time to see my newest 2023 edition: The Lair

First off is my OG bodybuilding magazine collection, featuring ones from past decades. I also have a lot of motivational ones covering business, watches, all the stuff I needed to get back on track after college.

I have my old football helmets next to my 2011 "Strongest Player" award on a shelf. I also have a framed jersey from my D1 team.

Now, time for the main piece: The Gym

The mirrors and stone walls are fully custom for a medieval vibe. We got a bunch of must-have pieces like an adjustable cable machine, leg extensions & curls, a leg press (that my dad used to max out with all the 45s at the gyms. Note: don't skip legday). I will say, gym equipment costs way more than you'd think; so unless you're ready to spend it, keep that $30/month membership for now.

I love my dumbbell rack - it's full of "Fred Flinstone" dumbbells as I like to call em. It goes up to the 150s, but I'll leave those for Simeon Panda - I can't be getting injured before all the film shooting we're gonna do.

My favorite pieces are all old-school, without the fancy bells and whistles. Something like the stepmill doesn't need a phone holder, fancy screen, or an "enjoy" message when you start - it just wants you to grind. It's not your friend, it wants you to get in shape!

I really enjoy using the smith machine for exercises like the bench press or front squat. I used to think it's for sissys, but now find it's a great option when you want to focus on form and the mind-muscle connection.

Next up is a work-in-progress room that has a few pieces - a dip, assault bike, and sauna (which we're currently fixing to make a little stronger). I usually use the sauna after my training or on rest days to still keep the blood moving. If I'm being honest, I've never been a fan of distracting myself during cardio. I'd rather watch something like old-school Dorian Yates, Tonez, or a motivational speech. When it's time to focus on the work, focus on the work.

Something I've been considering to take this gym to the next level is painting everything black - if you've watched my older videos you know I'm a simple man who enjoys a can of spray paint and a few hours to work. However, the gray currently matches the stone walls very well, so I'll have to give it some more thought.

Why A Home Gym?

Growing up, I saw every old-school bodybuilder have their own gym or a iconic grungy one they were a part of. I knew I had to have the same. The gym isn't something social to me - I'm just so locked in that I need to stay focused and if I had a training partner they wouldn't enjoy it since I wouldn't be able to give them my full attention.

I've been training since I was 8, and growing up I was obsessed with it. It taught me so much about the mental and physical aspects you need to be successful. I'll be forever grateful to Roland Williams who taught me a ton, and was also the one who gave me a free 60-day membership to Worlds Gym where I truly found my passion for training.

The goal is always progression - you can only connect the dots when you're looking back at what you've accomplished. For me, seeing how in just 5-6 years I've gone from sleeping in my gym to a place like this, it's truly motivating. It allows me to reflect on how I ended up where and who I am today. Keep working hard, stay ready, and do what it takes - your time of success will come.