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Build Your Image

What's up people!

Today I'm going to talk about self-image. Hopefully you're able to tune in and learn from this just how I have. 

Make the decision in your life to become the beast, the best version of yourself.

Self-Image: An internal image that only you can define, no one can define your self-image.

Your self-image is something that you carry around, nobody else can. But people rest their own definition of themselves in other people whether it's for validation/blessing/ opinion. People can have their image on you but that has no relation to you who actually are. An insult takes a certain amount of acceptance on your end in order for it to affect you. Someone else's view of you has nothing to do with you unless you accept it. That’s the key.

You have to carry yourself as this person already, believe you're the super version of yourself that you just painted.

How does this person walk, talk, and sit? For example, my Ferrari. What type of person do I have to become to attain this car? Where is this going to be parked, how much is gas? how many of these do they make, and what are their ethics? You have to vibrate on the other side of fulfillment as well. There's a difference between wants and desires. There is no power under the wants, it's surface level but a desire is deep.

A lot of people don’t want to know the bad things about themselves, what makes you tick.

If you think you're perfect, ask someone else what you can work on. I take inventory often, of my feelings, where I am, and everything else. You need to go back and take inventory and some people don't want to because it can be a dark place. You can't just know the good things about you, go deep and take inventory of that.

Building this image is free, but this image is to be held.

Carry it with you 24/7, everywhere you go. After the thought comes action, which externalises it. That's when you start walking like it. You have to create this super version of yourself, some people may call you crazy but you gotta be prepared for that. Don’t you ever question yourself.


The size of the vibration matters. Before I grabbed this car, I looked at it, and went into the brainiac side of it, asking myself what kind of model is it, how much insurance was, etc. A lot of people don't think they're worthy of attaining big things. If you have the thought pattern how are you not worthy to attain it? Get out of your own way. Your thoughts are what is going to create your reality.

Life is not easy but it can be simple.

You gotta have discipline. If we don’t say no, we’ll repeat the same behavior. Everyone is successful, because of their daily habits and repetition. But you can have positive and negative success. That's why you need discipline to come in and smack your hand. There is power in saying no and getting selfish with your goals if you desire them that much. If you take a powerlifter and a marathon runner and switch their positions, they're both going to be unsuccessful, doesn’t mean they're failures, just means they're not conditioned for that. It's on you to condition yourself for what you want.

Let's recap: building your self-image has nothing to do with what other people think about you. It is also about your internal dialogue, not as you wish or tells people to think of you. Make the decision in your life to become the beast, the best version of yourself.