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Big Chest Day with Simeon Panda

While filming in LA, you know I had to swing by Big Sims' home gym! We finally caught up with each other after three years and had a solid chest session in the Cali heat!

Simeon and I started off working on the converging chest press machine. Sims showed me how the chest press machine worked, and if it looked like I was amazed, it's cause I was! The whole automatic drop set feature was pretty bad ass in my opinion, wish I had this back in the day! After the quick run through, Big Sims and I started crushing our chest session. 

Our next exercise was the Incline Barbell Bench Press. I was pretty happy with my 225, but seeing Sim handle 3 plates like it was a warmup was absolutely crazy.

After that we moved on to some High-to-Low Cable Flies, which was brutal considering we were already exhausted from the heavy pressing. We flew through these and ended the workout with a skin-splitting pump; what more could you want?!

Simeon and I go way back and it was great to catch up with this beast again. Watch the video to see what Simeon and I caught up on and follow along!

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