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Act Stack & Behind the Scenes with Jeff Logan

We are on a live acting set here in Los Angeles, California.

Today I'm gonna take you through some of our sets and tell you why the Act Stack (BeClean, BeLean, and BeFocus) is a MUST to have you camera ready. 

With all these cameras, all the close-ups, you can't hide in front of them. You have to look good from top to bottom. You also have to know your lines and stay focused. If you're clean, focused, and lean, you can't be stopped. It's the recipe for success; you simply can't lose!

BeClean is the only supplement that cleans your skin from the inside out. Your appearance is the first thing that anyone sees, how you greet everyone. You don't have to be an actor, actress, model, to take your appearance seriously. It's very serious business when it comes to you!

Think of the times when you felt in “the zone", involved, focused, present & sharp.

I want you to tap into that state regularly. Within your zone is where you'll find your best - BeFocus

BeLean - Confront your body fat with BE Lean and have confidence knowing you are equipped with an elite arsenal of ingredients. With an improved metabolism, 24-hour fat oxidation, zero water retention and an increased thermal environment fat won’t stand a chance.

Better Hair, Skin, Nails - Better Focus - Better Inside and Out - You're gonna feel good. Well being is NUMBER ONE!

In a world full of filth, take your health serious!

Get the Act Stack now!