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Becoming the Beast: "Want vs. Desire"

Thinking is a workout for the brain.

It's easier not to think. It's easy to get mad, easy to get sad, easy to judge - that's what most people do. It's also easy to adopt someone's ready-made, fast-food-style thought patterns. Thinking is difficult.

Have you just been wanting it? Because wants remain in the consciousness. Expectations and desires are internal. Have you just wanted it, or have you been expecting and desiring it? Wants remain in consciousness; they stay there and don't move. That's why sometimes you might feel stuck because maybe you just want to, but you're not expecting or desiring to get out there.

Desire: The Unexpressed Possibility Within.

The seeking of expression, through your actions and the way you get it, is through your vibe. Your vibratory frequency, the frequency that you're on, is going to attract what you have. There is nothing in your head that you didn't put there. Yes, you can see something, but it's up to you to accept it or not. People often give that power to whatever stimulus they watch. They let themselves feel a certain way. You invite whatever is in your thought process, and the way you get that is through your vibe, but people don't spend enough time in the vibe. Why don't people spend enough time in the vibe? Because they don't believe what's coming to them is coming on time.

You can’t have the fruit before you have the roots.

This tree has time, and you’re just comparing it to what you see. Roots are something you can’t see, and the fruit won't come before the roots really get themselves in that firm foundation to support the tree. The leaves and fruit will come out at the end. Think about whatever your "fruit" is - it comes at the end. We have to understand that there is an incubation period for everything.

I had to learn patience.

I'm actually glad that I didn't get what I wanted exactly when I wanted it because: 1. You’re not going to appreciate it, 2. You might misuse it, 3. You might ruin it, or you might get injured by it. It might be something that you’re not ready for. It might just have been a want, not a desire. Also, people love to use God as an excuse. They love to say, "Oh, you know if it's God's will." Of course, it's God's will. God's will is for bigger, better, fuller expansion. And as spirits, our job is to expand and fully express ourselves. So when something bad happens, "Oh, it must have been God's will," that's an expression of ignorance. No, you weren’t ready. Don’t blame God.

When you think about something that you desire, you move past wanting it; this is something you desire and expect. It is something inside of you that is seeking expression, regardless of your actions. So you’re going to let somebody make a suggestion that’s going to knock you off.

Have you ever seen a jet take off? Have you ever seen a really fast car speed by you? Have you ever seen a train go by? What happens if something is yelling at that train? It just comes and goes. You have to have that same type of energy when you take off. Don’t seek it. Some people seek it. Unless you need help from that person, you don’t need them to say anything. Because they might see your power and feel insecure, and they might tell you something that could hinder you from what you’re supposed to be doing. So why are you looking for validation

How do we do all this? How do we vibrate on this frequency? How do we move from want to desire?

First, we build the image. Picture it exactly how you want it, down to the deadline. Second, let go and let God. Believe it's coming, and it will come. If you don't believe it's coming, then it won't. It's that simple. Third, ask for what you want in the form of feelings. You have to move past wants to move into desire. You have to put in work so that you have faith in yourself. The last thing I'm going to leave you with is this: Don't expect God to do for you what can only be done with and through you.