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Becoming The Beast: Take Control of Your Mind

The Lamborghini Story

It accumulated some hate, and you know when you start receiving the hate, that’s when you’re leveling up. When things get difficult, it means you’re leveling up. If you go to the gym and use a machine or do cardio, it's fairly easy for you, and you become accustomed to it. What happens? It becomes easy, you go up another level, and you increase the incline. What happens then? It becomes more difficult, you breathe a little harder. Why? Because you're leveling up. The same thing happens in life. As I told you, your emotions are taking you somewhere. The source, the Most High, the Creator, is taking you somewhere.

Everything vibrates, so what you're giving off to the world is constantly your state of vibration. You're constantly in a state of prayer at all times. You don't just close your eyes and say, "Please, give me courage. Please take away my fear," and then open your eyes and start thinking fearful thoughts again. That's not how you get it. That's not what happens because when you open your eyes, you're still in that state of asking. You're still in that state of offering your vibration.

What Happens After the Thoughts?

The actions. People want to think that love, attraction, the creator, and everything else are part of this magical process where you can just say, "I want a million dollars," and it will just fall into your lap. That's not how it works.

Sometimes, you have to take the person you grew up with, the person who conditioned you for this and rewire not only your brain chemistry but also your body. Sometimes, your body craves things like fear or sexual desires, chaos, arguing, and watching negative things, but your brain has to stop it. You are in control of your mind, body, and spirit. What are you in control of?

You're in control of your mind because it belongs to you. Your mind isn't controlling you because you're not your mind; your mind is yours. Everything that you've attracted and for however long you've allowed it to affect you is all your doing. You really need to check your conditioning and then determine where you want to be and recondition yourself in that realm.

You Can Rewrite Your Story

Take a deep breath right now and let it go. Do you feel that? That means it's another opportunity. It's another opportunity for you to win. There's always a new opportunity, and if you're not reaching for them, you'll never get them.

I will adopt a new thought process if it is better than my old one. I am constantly learning, and the path to greatness is realizing that you don't know everything. I am open to hearing anything; I take it as an assessment and see if it applies to my life. If it fits, I do it.

Respect Your Dreams

Some of your dreams are still in the works before you bring them to life, so have respect for them. Also, have the same respect for yourself. If you have a massive dream that you haven’t taken a step towards and you sit around complaining about it, you may have a negative connotation, negative vibration, and negative conditioning towards it. When you talk about it, you almost get upset because you don’t have it yet, but you aren’t working towards it and you aren’t giving it any time. Give it some time. Respect it. Think of new thoughts. Take steps towards it, not away from it. Surround yourself with people who will help you achieve it, not those who will take you away from it. If it's not helping, it's hurting.