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Becoming The Beast Podcast: Think BIG, Live BIG!

You're here because you want to get better. Shout out to you for investing in yourself, by giving me your time in exchange for an open mind and different thoughts.

Repetition Is Key

When I think about mental strength I think about repetition. How do you build muscle? Repetition, how do you get stronger and go up in weight? Repetition. The same thing goes for your mental strength. Repetitions of the right thoughts, cultivating your garden with the right thoughts, and not letting any weeds grow will create mental strength.

Turning Negative Thoughts Positive

Thoughts never stop, they're either subconsciously or consciously. Understand how powerful your thoughts are. You need to exercise the right thoughts. A lot of the time you don't realize you're letting other people’s comments affect you when you don't have to allow them into your space. You have the power to control your thoughts and turn negative thoughts into positive ones. The mind can make a heaven out of hell and a hell out of heaven. It's all about judgment. That's why repetition is so important, once you get used to producing positive thoughts you won't be affected when negative thoughts try to take over because you have built mental strength.

Thinking Big Is Free

If you're doubting yourself, romance is slipping, argue with someone, and think big. You being anything less than your best self is a disgrace to your creator. Don't put it off, think big NOW. There is no perfect time besides the time that you make perfect. If you sit around for the perfect time it will pass you every single time. You have to follow it with big actions. A big thought followed by a burning desire produces big actions.

Visualize It

See further than your current situation. A block of steel can be turned into a car. It gets chipped away constantly and goes through a process to get to the final result. To become what you desire to be, you have to constantly be chipped away at and soon you will become that by going through the process. Develop a burning desire for what you want. You gotta look at yourself as the uninterested third party to be able to be on the outside looking in. By doing so, you start to analyze and observe yourself, cutting out what is not serving you and what is.

Get Busy Failing

Stop being scared to fail, and start asking how can I do it. I can name a bunch of ways not to do business because I have tried many ways. Exhaust every single possible way to do something and don't get stuck in the thought.


A lot of people fail because they close their minds to creativity. Make yourself valuable through details, and start thinking in terms of how can I do this instead of if's. Start thinking of ways to do it because when the doubt comes in you just stamped yourself. Open your mind up to allow creative skills to form.

Think big, Live big, Life it up.