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Becoming The Beast: Perspective Shift

I am optimistically preparing, not waiting, and fully going through the process to get closer to my goal.

When I was younger I was on the quest to bench 500 pounds, but when I started I was not the strongest. Everyone around me was stronger than me, and I decided to change that. During this time, I had two ways to approach this situation. The wrong perspective would have led me to think I could magically bench 500 pounds with no muscle and no training. The right perspective led to me respecting the journey required to reach that goal. I stocked up on fitness magazines/workout DVDs and started lifting in my mom's basement and I trained like a dog.

Big dreams require a bigger process.

Sometimes you have goals that are heavy in responsibilities or commitments that you want to grasp as fast as possible. One thing you need to learn is that your grip is being strengthened as you go through the process. If you jump into a goal of yours without fully going through the process that it takes to get there, you will never reach it because you did not go through the preparation needed to acquire the skills or knowledge you need for the next step. Understand that it is preparing you to strengthen your grip and grab for the next thing.

Do not waste your time on what is not going to help you progress.

Before reacting or making a decision, ask yourself, "Will the person I want to become react this way? Or choose to spend their time doing this?" If you have a goal to become a bodybuilder, you are not going to spend your time eating fast foods or going to the gym 1-2 times a week. The perspective you should be approaching is the perspective of a person who already attained it.
It is important to realize that there is a process to everything.

When I read Power versus Force, a very powerful book, I learned the significance of not forcing anything in life. It is easy to do so in a world where everyone seems to be rushing to the next thing. Slow and steady is usually the fastest way, not to be distracted by slow and laziness.

By shifting your perspective to fully going through the process it takes to reach your goals, and repositioning your perspective of a person who has already attained what you want, you will strengthen your grip and start to become the person you want to be.