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Becoming The Beast: Life-Shifting Affirmations


They can't stop us if they stood in front of us. Let's go, man!

The journey is better than the goal. You're going to become more, learn more, experience more, and gain more wisdom and failures on the journey versus the goal. When you achieve the goal, it's going to be like, "Okay." It's not going to be as fulfilling as the journey. For example, when I got to Walmart in my Ferrari to buy my son his Christmas gifts, some people said, "Oh my God, it's a Ferrari." This was the plan, this was the vision, and the plan. For me, it was supposed to happen, and I have fulfillment. It brings me joy that I brought something. But ask me about who I am to attain this, to be able to get this so effortlessly, that's just a representation of me. People are driven by material things.

I'm here today to talk about affirmation.

Affirmation: Act of affirming or emotional support or encouragement.

You have to affirm this and how do you normally do that? You do that with words, but you have to realize that this universe is a vibratory frequency-based place. But these words can lead you to the vibe and can lead you somewhere. The only trick is you have to believe what you're saying. So at the end of this, I'm going to give you a list of very strong affirmations.

How did affirmations help me personally? They helped me reprogram my subconscious, condition myself, and create the reality that I'm living in right now. I've done things that seem crazy to normal people who don't create like us, who aren't creators, and who don't believe in a bigger reality or a better place for themselves. They think what I do is crazy. You can use verbal affirmations or physical affirmations.

Affirmations reprogram your subconscious, and the programming of your subconscious is conditioning.

So, think about something you're conditioned to do. For example, if you played sports, your job conditioned you and trained you. What are you conditioned to do when you wake up in the morning? How do you put your feet on the ground? It's something you're conditioned to do, and you do it without thinking. Therefore, we need to do more good things without thinking, more things that lead us in the right direction or take us further toward our goal. I'm going to stop calling it a dream. The goal is a vision and a plan.

If you think your words are powerful, they are. Speaking, spelling, and words. Think about spelling as a spell. Think about a witch casting a spell. It's affirmation; it's the law of attraction at its finest. Sometimes it's dramatized in movies. Think about something negative or undesirable that you are attracted to yourself, and you say, "I knew that was going to happen," and you validate yourself. That's the law of attraction.

Here we go with the affirmations. Repeat after me.

I 100% accept responsibility for my own life.

With each breath I'm moving towards my best.

I love me.

I believe in me.

My goals are beyond possible.

I am the Beast.

I forgive myself for the wrong I've done.

I forgive others for the wrong they've done unto me.

I focus only on what I want.

I am in perfect health.

Everything happens for me not to me.

I have God given strength to handle anything.

I am the perfect husband, wife, son, daughter, cousin and friend.

I am wealthy.

I'm better than I think.

I look better than I think.

The journey is better than the goal.

The journey is shaping me.

I am the Beast.

I am the Beast.

I am the Beast.