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Becoming The Beast: Greatness In Small Things

Anxiety: Imagination in the Wrong Direction

If you struggle with anxiety, it's important to recognize the strength of your mental capacity to imagine in the wrong direction. You have the ability to make yourself feel and think anxious at any given time, but it's important to remember that this is a decision, sometimes conditioned by past experiences.

Don't let anyone take away your divinity or your power to control the situation.

There is beauty everywhere, but you must choose to see it and open your eyes to it.

The difference between material goods and their manifestation is the density or amplitude of vibration. Sensory factors can help you vibrate with things, but you must prepare yourself and vibrate at a certain level. Remember how strong your mind and thoughts are.

Greatness In Small Things

Greatness is found in doing small things right. You are a creator and must focus on small actions to reach your highest potential. Your actions and habits in small things determine how you approach everything. You cannot compare yourself to others, only strive to be your best self.

Happiness Is The Goal

Happiness is not found in material things but in the goal of becoming your best self. It's important to work towards your goals and not rely on others to give you purpose. One small mistake can affect a larger outcome, so always strive to be great.

Enjoyment is key to development. Money cannot buy the moral uplifting of being in harmony with nature. Small acts of kindness and tenderness add up to something big.

Seize The Moment

Take this moment to better yourself and understand yourself better. Hold yourself accountable for your thoughts and actions, and consider your environment and the people around you. Start where you are and grow from there. Remember that you are important, and others depend on you.