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Become Bands + Straps!

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Become Bands: 

During these times it is more important than ever for a good home workout. A little bit of tension is the difference between a so so workout and an outstanding workout. If you ain't drippn' you trippn'!  Grab a hip trainer and get after it today! 

  • Add Tension to at Home Workouts
  • Variety of sizes ranging from M-XL

Become Straps: 

Available in black strap with red edge detail these cotton lifting straps are complete with "Become" sewn on patch detail on the loop. The loop adjustable sizing and extending length allows you to wrap the bar multiple times to improve traction. Use these lifting wrist straps to enhance your grip on almost every training bar.

  • Width 1.5"
  • Length 20"
  • Sold as pair (Includes 2 straps)
  • "BECOME" sewn on patch 


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