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Jamez Eric Duane Ingram - Athlete Spotlight

Jamez Eric Duane Ingram is a force to be reckoned with. He knows what it means to be all in when it comes to health and fitness.

His nutritional knowledge, knowledge of the body and ability to help others overcome limiting beliefs in the mind makes him an absolute triple threat in the wellness industry. Despite many obstacles in life, an absent father, school bullying, cancer at 14 and again at 20, and much much more he has learned how to master the art of forgiveness and generosity as a timeline technique to overcome the blocks in the mind that effect the body as well as the soul. He has taken life’s sourest lemons and made the sweetest lemonade.

His passion in life is to take the underdog, the outcast, the downtrodden, and the destitute and turn them into the gems they were created to be.

His heart of gold literally leaves his community speechless; from feeding the homeless, coaching kids in basketball, or personally training others, his wisdom of nutrition, health, and positive speaking has uplifted others, empowered them, and helped them to achieve victory in every area of life.

Jamez is a retired basketball player, a part-time personal trainer, a basketball coach, a youth mentor, and now a competitive naturalist bodybuilder who has owned several successful businesses, including a meal prep company and nutrition store, and more in the greater San Diego area.

To sum him up he is a lifestyle coach who by faith trusts God for the impossible for others.

He feels his destiny is to create a health revolution in America and effect change in other areas that may come up along the way.

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