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Claudia Ber - Athlete Spotlight

Claudia Ber first discovered her passion for fitness at age 14 as a coping mechanism in the midst of being raised in a cult with an extremely strict and abusive father. Most of her knowledge about the body and fitness industry was gained through research/studying a lot on her own, as well as from her boyfriend who was a certified PT with a bachelor's degree in nutrition/kinesiology.

Fast forward a few years, she suffered a 3-year time span of sickness with breast implant illness and severe depression which took a hard toll on her health and fitness journey. It wasn’t until 2019 after a near-death experience during the removal of her implants that she slowly started getting back into the gym and gaining her health back.

Today, Claudia is a true inspiration for many people in her life, and a big role model for her 7 younger siblings. She has a heart that goes above and beyond for people as well as a deep desire for success. She loves to encourage others to not give up no matter how hard it may get, quitting isn’t an option.

Her faith and passion for fitness are unstoppable while making a difference in others' life’s in any way mentally or physically. One of her favorite reminders is that “Everyone’s journey is different and others will not understand it, but that’s okay. Remain strong in your faith, and run the race that has been set out for you. The day you plant the seed isn’t the day you reap your harvest. Keep sowing good things, and one day you will reap what is meant for you.”

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