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Bo Rose - Athlete Spotlight

Bo is a fitness model, brand ambassador, content creator, and personal trainer. Born in New York, raised in Los Angeles California. He grew up playing basketball, played overseas, and come back home and fell in love with fitness. Playing basketball throughout his younger years taught him discipline, patience, teamwork, and how to work hard.

In the summer of 2015, he started his fitness journey. Got a membership at a local gym and never looked back. Started to see quick and quality results from weight training and it became a lifestyle. By the fall of 2018 he got certified to be a PT. Bo has built a solid clientele over the years and is able to share the knowledge on his social media platforms.

Additionally, Bo’s passion for helping others led him to start his own app that will be out soon to help people become fit and have a healthy lifestyle.

Bo is currently the face of BOOHOOMAN, Fashionnovamen, MAUVAIS, and Culture Kings, among others. In 2022 he signed a deal to become the brand ambassador for NOVAMEN!

Stay updated with him on his platforms: IG @beaurose_, Twitter @borose_, TikTok  @beaurose_

Bo's favorite product is BeLean. He enjoys the fat-fighting and overall health benefits along with the long-lasting 24-hour time window. BeLean helps him have the peace of mind that his body is still working around the clock.