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AJ Holmez - Athlete Spotlight

AJ Holmez is an athlete, fitness model, personal trainer, filmmaker, content creator, brand ambassador, and sometimes a life coach. From Virginia, AJ moved to Los Angeles in high school to live with his pops and chase the dream of being in the NFL.

Having been balling since the age of 7, AJ was determined to be a pro athlete. Being an athlete all his life has instilled discipline, accountability, passion, persistence, and the skill to never give up.

After college and not making it to the pros, AJ understands that we as a people only have 1 life and we are who we believe we are. Not making it to the league does not define him being a pro athlete ultimately it’s all a mindset.

Growing up as an underdog and late bloomer taught AJ that he is a spiritual being having a human experience and life is what he makes it. He had to drop his insecurities and prioritize his focus on walking in this world as a professional human with an athletic lifestyle.

Determined to win this game called life, AJ took the scenic route and became a filmmaker in showbiz. He figured he wasn’t waiting for someone to give him an opportunity through auditions, instead, he’d rather take control of the set and put himself in front of the camera.

AJ also got his PT certification and found a passion for helping others never give up on themselves physically and mentally. His ultimate vision is to bring both professions together and influence health, wealth, and BeComing Legends.

AJ is grateful for the opportunity to be a part of a community full of dedicated Kingz and Queenz, moving full speed in the direction of greatness.

“Real talk, this is OUR world - everyone else just living in it.”
- AJ

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