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Achilles King - Athlete Spotlight

My name is Achilles King. I'm originally from the Dominican Republic. I grew up in Providence, Rhode Island where most of my family members reside today. I was super active as a child so my mother decided to put me in sports at an early age. I was fascinated with the art of boxing growing up.

I loved watching Tito Trinidad, Floyd Mayweather, Miguel Cotto, and many others which inspired me to start training. I then fell in love with legends like Bruce Lee, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and led me into the world of bodybuilding. Looking up to these icons still didn’t stop me from failing, and going through some difficulties with my health. I found myself being overweight and stuck in this “I don’t have time to focus on my health mindset”.

I gained a ton of weight and noticed that I needed to make a change for the better. I decided to educate myself on fitness and nutrition in a more in-depth way. I went to school for nutrition and received my certification in training. Fast forward to the present day where I know how to educate others in order to improve their lifestyle by training them online. I love what I do!

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